Matthew Moeller © 2005



Way out west in this great land


There lives one helluva clam


Had the misfortune, had the bad luck


To be called a geoduc


Now it might be gooey, but it ain’t no bird


It’s big it’s ugly it looks absurd


To dig one up takes all that you got


To bring it on home and put it in the pot



Geoduc! It ain’t no bird


Geoduc! It looks like…haven’t you heard?


Geoduc! Who cares what it’s name is


Geoduc! It looks just like a…




It’s shell is small it’s neck is long

Man, it just goes on and on

They live in the sand and you never see ‘em

Low tide muck (yuck!) you wouldn’t want to be one

To dig one out takes lots of grit

Guts and fire and full of spit

You reach right down and grab a hold.

And pull and pull and pull and pull…


Now if you’re lucky to dig one out

Don’t jump and cheer and wave it about

Men will cry and women faint

If they think you got what you ain’t

Just take it on home and use it in chowder

Or fritters or sushi it really don’t matter

Invite your friends from far and near

To come on over for clam and beer


Now there’s lots of stories I could tell

Of geoducs digging down to hell

Of folks that dig ‘em and folks that eat ‘em

Folks that never even seen one

But way up here in the great Northwest

Where the living is simply the best

Geoduc fritters with fries on the side

Will make you as happy as a clam at high tide

The Clamshell Line

Matthew Moeller © 2005


What’s that coming down the track it’s

Making smoke and a hellavu racket

Chugging up along the coast

Freight car coach and tender

City folk smoke and cinders

The only train that can boast

To go…


North from Illwaco depending on the tide

All the way to Oysterville it’s just a little ride

On the Clamshell Line


Illwaco, Seaview,

Longbeach and Klipsan too

Any place they flag ‘em down

Fisher folk and city spenders

Stack of wood for the tender

“When will we get to town?”

They go…


Farmer Browns and rubbernecks

Ride the train to see the wrecks

That sometimes comes ashore

Folks come from far away

Portland town, Elliot Bay

To see the wonders there before

They go…


Astoria steamer comes to town

If it don’t run aground

Depending on the tide

Schedules change with the lunar

“No, you can’t get there sooner

Just enjoy the ride.”

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